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Health Simplified

Health and wellbeing reimagined.

All of us are different and require customised approaches and solutions to perform at our best.

Essentio is a unique service providing integrated health and wellbeing evaluations and coaching services, with a focus on prevention and performance.

Live Your Best Life

Health Simplified

for good health for your best life for your best performance

This program was life changing for me.


This program is in a different league to the usual executive health checks.


The Essentio program has been phenomenal.

AndrewAssociate Partner

I loved the no nonsense approach of the Essentio program and its evidence-based nature. i was told stuff I didn't really want to hear but NEEDED to hear.

Dr CathMD

Essentio Health services are far more relevant and comprehensive than all others I’ve tried in the past. Justin and the team provide a rigorous check-up that caters to all age groups (not just those in their later phases of life) and provides for the differing health goals of its clients.

DavidManaging Director

A good program incorporating modern medical tests eg DNA sequencing, DEXA scan and bespoke wellness advice, all of which provide clear explanation on why we are where we are and helpful in directing where we want to be.


Health Simplified 

Health Simplified 

Health Simplified