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We are Essentio

Our team of experts are ready to provide personalised assessments and coaching to help you achieve your best health, wellbeing, and performance.

Essentio Health started its journey in 2020 with an important mission to simplify health, wellbeing and performance.

Essentio's Principals, Justin Vaughan and Olly Bridge, have combined their expertise from healthcare, high-performance sport, and corporate careers to create a truely unique approach to wellbeing and performance.

We empower individuals to thrive by embracing variety and challenges. This includes incorporating beneficial stressors like weightlifting, fasting, temperature exposure, and ongoing learning experiences into your lifestyle, fostering strength and adaptability.

Meet The Team

At Essentio, our team isn't just defined by the depth of their qualifications but also the breadth of their life experiences.

Comprised of seasoned professionals from diverse health and wellbeing backgrounds, our Principals seamlessly blend their specialised knowledge with practical insights.

With Essentio, you're partnering with a team committed to distilling health down to its essentials and tailoring it uniquely for you, so that you can perform at your best sustainably.

Principal, Essentio Health

Justin Vaughan

Justin’s journey has been anything but ordinary, from the emergency room to the cricket pitch and beyond. As an Emergency Department doctor, Justin dedicated himself to the complexities of human health. A surprising twist led him to represent New Zealand in cricket, with 6 Test and 18 ODI caps. After hanging up his cricketing boots, Justin transitioned into leadership roles within the healthcare and sports sectors. Essentio embodies the culmination of these experiences, intertwining medical knowledge, athletic discipline, and corporate strategy.

Principal, Essentio Health

Olly Bridge

Olly is a visionary leader and a transformative force in both the athletic and corporate realms.  With a career founded working with elite athletes in Formula One and Olympic Gymnastics, Olly has harnessed the power of sustainable peak performance and honed it into a dynamic methodology that extends far beyond the realm of sports.

Olly has led high-performing teams in prestigious organisations like BMW and Medibank, while also driving smaller start-ups to successful exits. This varied career has equipped him with a deep understanding of the corporate landscape and the crucial balance between performance and wellbeing.

Olly is a catalyst for positive change, a beacon of inspiration, and a true advocate for holistic success.

Ready to take control of how you feel and how you perform?