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We partner with the best, so you get the best.


At Essentio, we take great pride in who we partner with and at the core of that needs to be the deep desire to simplify health for people.

So you'll never find a long list of partners... just the essentials to what YOU need.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Born in Finland, the Oura Ring is the first wearable designed to paint a truly holistic picture of your health.

Loved by millions around the world, the Oura Ring tracks key health metrics such as heart rate, body temperature, and movement, but in particular it provides a comprehensive analysis of sleep. This includes in-depth sleep staging, as well as assessment of sleep efficiency and restfulness.

This data-driven approach helps users improve sleep quality and daily performance.


Vitaco is the home of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted and leading health food, sports nutrition and supplements brands, including Musashi, Healtheries and Nutra-Life.

With a heritage dating back over 116 years, Vitaco’s vision is to Empower Healthier Lives in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe. We are proud of Vitaco’s heritage, and equally proud of our vision to be a global supplier through our trusted partnerships in the Asia Pacific, Europe, UK, USA and the Middle East.

Vitaco products are manufactured or packed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialise in the manufacture of vitamin supplements and dairy based sport nutrition products.


The 1980s and 1990s were exciting decades of advances. With new techniques, technology and research findings in genetics – including the undertaking of the world’s most ambitious biological project: The Human Genome Project. During this project, the entire human genome was mapped in a global collective effort.

Les’ leadership in clinical genetics at the Royal Women’s and Children’s Hospitals was pivotal in seeding this thrilling new frontier of science. It led to the breakthrough introduction of Down’s syndrome screening for pregnant women.

Many of the core attributes and cultural underpinnings of myDNA can be traced back to the Les spent in clinical genetics and the idea scientific knowledge needs to be actionable to have a difference to people’s health and wellbeing.

Don't Sweat It

Your one-stop shop for a menopause friendly workplace, providing online courses, in-person events, webinars, policy development, immersive offsite experiences and executive health.

The DSI team are committed to the delivery of only the highest quality up to date evidence-based information and advice, based entirely on best practice and guidelines from the Australasian and International Menopause Societies.
Founded by women’s health expert, Dr Ginni Mansberg and Shelly Horton – both are experienced TV presenters, podcast hosts and speakers. Their online course, workshops and webinars aren’t just informative. They’re engaging and even funny!

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